A vacation without heat

My wife and I usually choose to take our vacations during the spring and summer months, because the weather is so wonderful. This past years though, we decided to take a vacation during the winter. We had never been away from the house during the winter holidays, and last year we decided to change that. My wife took off the entire week of Christmas and we decided to visit the mountains. We live in the south, and we hardly ever get to see mountainous regions. The winter season for us consists of 60 degree weather and shorts. During our last winter holiday, we were sitting poolside, getting a tan while sweating. It’s not great for skiing, but we love it! Since we never get to experience cold weather, we took a vacation to the mountains. We rented a cabin that was located way at the top of this winding road. The views from the house balcony were spectacular, and you could see a view from five miles away. I thought it seemed like the perfect winter getaway,until the heating system stopped working. We woke up early in the morning, and we could feel the indoor climate had changed drastically. I could see my breath lingering in the cold air, and I knew the heat must not be working. We got out of bed and saw the accumulation on the ground. We had gotten nearly six inches of snow over the night. We called the realtor right away to talk about the heating problems. Thankfully the house had a fireplace also, because the roads were snowed in and we couldn’t leave for three days. We also couldn’t get someone to fix the heating system for those three days.

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