A spine chilling movie

The people plus myself are always scared of spine-chilling noises during October. October plus Halloween season can be the time of the year when your blood is most rushing. The people I was with plus myself decided to recently see a spine bending movie. The People plus myself had debated seriously on seeing the movie, because both of us were sure that it was going to be incredibly scary. As it turned out, the movie probably ruined myself plus others for a long time. As soon as the movie was completed, the people decided to go back to our home. It was still kind of early outside, so both of us decided to watch a movie for a little while. A few moments after we were into our TV program, the people I was with plus myself heard a very strange noise coming from inside of the wall. It was a noise like none of us had ever heard in the past, plus the people I was with plus myself were particularly frightened. When both of us determined where the sound was coming from, both of us figured it was our heating plus A/C system. The heating plus A/C vents were located directly behind the wall, plus that seem to be the likely culprit of the sounds. The very next morning, the people I was with plus myself decided to contact our heating plus A/C repair store. Both of us ended up finding out that we had a collapsed duct in our wall. Once the problem was addressed, the two of us no longer heard those noises.

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