A smart investment

My boyfriend and I have been living together now for about a year and a half. We rent a great little apartment in the city, and we tend to really enjoy our residence. The only complaint that we have had, honestly, is the fact that our heating and cooling bills are a bit on the pricy side. We do not quite understand why the heating and cooling bills are quite so high, as we have taken just about every measure we can think of to keep our bills as low as possible. We hardly ever adjust the settings on the thermostat, for goodness’ sake! Both my boyfriend and I are totally convinced that there is something actually wrong with our heating and cooling system. We don’t know whether or not the HVAC issue is related to just our little apartment, or to the entire building, but we have contacted our landlord a number of times about this heating and cooling issue. It is honestly too bad that our landlord cannot be bothered to return any of our calls! Finally we got in touch with a local heating and cooling provider on our own. The price of our heating and cooling expenses far outstripped the potential cost of an HVAC inspection and estimate, in our minds. The HVAC technician that came over to help us out discovered that the entire heating and cooling system required a number of serious repairs. We paid to have the building’s heating and cooling fixed out of our own pockets! We told our landlord that we would be needing that much money off of our next rent payment.

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