A Ruined Date Night

I like to think of myself as a romantic guy. I will buy flowers for my girlfriend, take her out on the town, whisper sweet things in her ear, and other little things to show I care. I like it; it feels good to make my love feel good. With that in mind last Saturday I decided it would be nice to take my girlfriend out to one of the finest restaurants in town for a beautiful dinner with all the trimmings. We arrived around eight and were promptly shown our seats. I took off my girlfriend’s coat and hung it on the coat rack along with my own. It was cold out for sure that night, but the warmth of the restaurant felt great. At least at first it did. By the time the server had come to take our drink orders and recite the daily specials we were both starting to feel a tad bit too warm. I felt hot air blowing down on us and looked up to see the heating ducts right above our heads. The thermostat must have been turned all the way up! I asked our server what was up with the furnace and he said it was stuck either on all the way or not on at all. I told them to call an HVAC company to fix it and he said they had. This wouldn’t help us as we were both sweating profusely by the time dinner came. We had them wrap it to go and haven’t been back since. Next time we go out to eat I will first inquire as to the condition of their heating and cooling system. It’s apparently one of those things you need to take into account.

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