A new way to vacation

Every year my dad and I go on a trip to a local lake. For years we have been taking these camping trips. this year his health has gone downhill, and I am trying to find a way to do the trip in a different form. We usually bring tents and stay in nature, but I think that it would be better if we rent it out a cabin this year. Dad is not able to tolerate hot weather for an extremely long amount of time, and this would give him a space to relax in the cool air. there are several cabins near the lake that have air conditioning, so I think we will have some good options. Although I enjoy being in the woods as much as possible. I care more about his health. I am willing to sacrifice the rugged nature of our trip by staying in a place with an HVAC system instead. I know that my dad is stubborn and he will probably not want to go with my plan, but his doctor has advised him not to leave air conditioned settings for more than about an hour. I definitely plan on following that advice. By staying with a cabin with a good A/C, we can take a short hike and then return to the comfort of our climate-controlled rooms. Heck, maybe we should have been doing this for years. It actually is beginning to sound like a great way to escape and relax the hustle of daily life. I am looking forward to this year’s trip.

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