A new plumbing unit is always nice

When my husband and I decided to remodel our bathroom, we should have  taken a lot more time to research a reliable and knowledgeable plumber to handle the job.  Instead, we followed the recommendation of my older brother and hired a guy who we ended up despising.  All my husband and I wanted the plumber to do was replace the old pipes, drains, and get the tub and surround in place.  My husband and I planned to handle all of the finish work ourselves.  The reason my husband and I were gutting the bathroom was because the tub and toilet were frequently plugged.  We believed that there was a bend in pipes hindering drainage.  We hired the plumber to put in a straight connecting pipe between the tub and toilet to encourage superior flow of wastewater.  The plumber kept questioning us about drywalling, installing the floor, and painting.  We continually reminded him that we  would prefer to handle that stage of the project.  While my husband and I were out of the house the day at work, our plumber completed the installation of the pipes and began putting down the floor. We caught him at it, and discovered that he’d once again implemented a drainage plan with a sharp bend in it.  Since that wasn’t what we wanted at all, my husband and I had him tear it all back out and start again.  By the time the project was done, we just wanted the plumber to leave and not come back.  He did not design the pipes the way we had requested.  He did not properly install the tub or toilet, and both end up leaking.  He also laid down the floor and put up the drywall, even we specifically told him not to.  Since my husband and I were suspicious that he was rushing to hide his mistakes, we took everything down and handled whole project ourselves. plumbing service