A fantastic heat pump

When my partner and I remodeled our apartment to make more living space, both of us agreed to turn an enclosed porch into the master bedroom.  To accomplish this, both of us needed to fully gut the porch plus upgrade the walls, ceiling, plus windows.  My partner and I extended the electrical method to  deliver to outlets and overhead lighting, we added insulation, plus laid down new carpeting.  My partner and I were questioned how to handle temperature control in our remodeled master bedroom.  Although both of us could have put in additional air duct to use our existing heating and cooling system, both of us were reluctant to do so.  As we were limited on space in the porch, neither of us didn’t want to lose square footage to air duct. Fabricating and installing air duct would have been rather overpriced plus both of us weren’t truly sure our heating and cooling system could operate on a greater workload.  After reaching out to our local HVAC dealer, we both agreed on a ductless heat pump for the master bedroom.  A ductless heat pump is made up of an indoor plus outdoor unit which are attached together by a conduit.  Both units are uniquely compact, function silently, plus, they can installed in the span of one morning.  My partner and I only had little more than 2 inches of a hole in an exterior wall to make room for the conduit and to access to electricity.  The indoor air handler is put up high on the wall, plus we each operate it with a wireless controler.  The heat pump provides both heating plus cooling capacity, plus raises or lowers the temperature in the room rather fast.  In both heating plus cooling mode, the heat pump is wicked energy efficient while effectively filters the indoor air.  I love that I don’t need to get up from bed to make changes to the settings. HVAC