A collapsed air duct

All of us were terribly annoyed, because our Heating in addition to A/C supplier was going to put a giant hole in side of our wall. All of us had contacted the heating in addition to A/C supplier, because we started to hear the strangest noises coming from inside of our walls. All of us were certain that the problem was with our Heating in addition to A/C system, especially after we could not locate a problem with anything else in that area. All of us had waited a few days for the heating in addition to A/C supplier to be available. All of us were dealing with the terrible conditions inside of our home, in addition to the fact that none of us were happy to have to be going without A/C in the middle of the summer season. All of us, plus we were confirmed when someone showed up to look at the problem. The heating in addition to A/C supplier told all of us that one of our A/C had collapsed behind the wall. They were going to need to break down our wall in order to get to the problem and fix it. All of us were surprised they were going to be doing demolition, but there wasn’t a whole lot to do to get the problem fixed. All of us had to spend a hefty Penny to get the A/C duct repaired. All of us did not want to have to deal with all of these troubles, especially when we were going to have to be doing additional remodeling.

A/C filter