A carbon monoxide leak

When I moved out of the city, I never realized how different it would be. I grew up with all the modern conveniences such as running water, electricity, and natural gas.  Now I have a well for water, no natural gas and I have to keep track of the propane in my tank or I have not heat.  I am not complaining, I love my house but it has been a definite adjustment. We have a 500 gallon propane tank that sits out at the edge of our property That may sound like a lot, but, when it is used for everything from cooking to heating the water and house, it can go quickly. I made the mistake over the winter of not checking the levels and I will never do that again.  One winter afternoon, I arrived home from picking up some groceries and the house was freezing. The temperature outside was in the low teens and the temperature inside seemed almost as cold. I checked the thermostat to make sure the furnace was on, and that it was, so I went out to the propane tank to check see what the levels were. I could only stare as the needle said that the tank was empty. Frustrated, I pulled out my phone and dialed my HVAC company. They were the people I contacted for propane and repairs.  Small town living means that companies must multi task. The good news is, it was still within business hours so they could send someone out that day. This meant that I would not have to spend the night freezing. Within a few hours an HVAC specialist was checking my furnace and relighting a pilot lights on the HVAC system as well as the hot water tank. He tightened the bolts and ensured everything was safe again, as it can be dangerous if the pilot lights went out.

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