A cabin isn’t so bad

My husband’s family own a cabin in the woods and they hike the five mountains to spend a full month living in ‘rustic bliss’. They go there in July, and I miss him terribly when he’s there. He tries to talk me into going, but I have trouble getting that much time off work.  Last year, however, I took a different position in the hospital, and I was lucky to be given all of my accrued vacation.  I was now able to take some extended vacation time. I put in for my vacation time to be the same time as my husband’s trip to the mountains. As soon as the cabin came in sight, I realized my biggest fear; the cabin is really in the woods and there’s no electricity. My second shudder came with the realization that there was no running water, cell service or air conditioning. The outside temperature was in the high eighties, and the humidity was horrible. With eight exhausted people crammed into a small cabin, it quickly started to stink. I kept staring at the mold and without air conditioning, I was finding it impossible to sleep in my top bunk.  I needed to bathe in a nearby cold pond that was covered with a green slime, and left me green and itchy, but not clean. We had to open the windows that didn’t have screen so we had a breeze, which didn’t really ease the heat, but it share the cabin with about a billion mosquitoes. By the time I got home, I ran into my air conditioned apartment, took a long, hot shower, flush my toilet several times and pulled out my phone, and all before my husband had finished unpacking.

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