80 is way too hot!

My husband’s mother moved in with us.. She is getting older and she is always cold. It was frigid last night. When she went to her room, she moaned about how cold her room was. My husband got out our oil-filled electric room heater and put it in her room. Radiant heat takes a while, but it works well after the temperature is reached.  It reached seventy-two and she was still complaining. I turned it up two more degrees.  She soon started to complain that it was getting hot. My husband turned on the overhead fan. Our furnace began working harder to bring the heat up to its new thermostat setting.  As I began to sweat, my husband smiled and muttered something about using the air conditioner.  Since the thermostat in our room controlled both bedrooms, the electric heater wouldn’t be working so hard.   Mom knocked on our door.. She  had heard the furnace running.  She offered to turn up her heater so we could lower the thermostat and have our room cooler. My husband assured her hat he was just to keep the heater from working so hard and breaking down, or catching on fire. We folded the blankets to the foot of our bed.  I checked on his mom before we turned out the lights. She had her comforter wrapped around her and two more blankets over it.  Her room thermometer read eighty, and she was smiling in her sleep.  “I’ll just sweat with the oldies.”,  my husband grumbled as he huddled on his side of the bed.