City Hall in HVAC trouble.

The Pacific Northwest is known for its beautiful scenery and lush green forests. The reason for this is they have mild temperatures and an excessive amount of rainfall throughout the year. This summer however has been very different for those living in that region. They have been experiencing record-breaking heat and almost drought-like conditions in

Publisher Meltdown

When I was growing up, I was always an avid reader. I could get lost in my favorite books for hours on end. It took a miracle to awake me from my fantasy world! As I got older, I attempted to start writing my own stories. I soon realized, however, that I honestly wasn’t that

Movie Magic HVAC

I have what I believe is the greatest job in the universe. I work with an amazing group of people creating costumes for hollywood movies. We also create a lot of the creatures you see in the background, such as giant animals and mythological creatures. There is a lot of work that goes into these

The North Is Cold!

When I moved up North I had no idea what to expect.  I was mostly just excited to see snow for the first time.  I assumed that the furnace in the little house would be enough to get me through the winters.  However, it turned out that it was actually very old.  When I adjusted

No cool air

I went to visit my elderly father in his home not far away from where I live. He really wanted to stay in his own home and since I am so close by, we decided to try and make it work.  He visits the nearby senior day center. One day, I was scheduled to come