My little miracle

A few years ago, I began attending a mobile church. The services are amazing and I’m growing so much closer to God in the process. I now help the mobilize operations each week. However, the weather is getting much colder in this northern uppermost city. A mobile church does not use it’s own building, but

Central heating and cooling

This year the holiday cooking fell on me, as it was our turn to host the Thanksgiving Day meal. Everything was going as planned, I had the decorations up and the food cooking on time, until disaster struck. Our central heating and air conditioning equipment suddenly broke down. With all of the cooking going on

Battling the weather

I live with a roommate in a beautiful townhouse, but the nights here are ridiculous. We are constantly disagreeing about what the temperature inside our place should be. He likes it extremely warm, all of the time. Because we live in the South and the weather here is usually warm almost year round. I like

I just want to cool down

I am really sensitive to the temperature. When I get too cold or even too hot my chronic illness flares up. Unfortunately, this happens to me pretty often. When I get too hot or cold, I begin to feel nauseated and even dizzy. I have even collapsed due to the effect that extreme temperatures can