Air conditioning system

I really dislike going out to eat with Mike and Rob. It’s nice to sit down, have some food and catch up with them because they are good friends, but it’s the part after dinner that I absolutely despise. They always want to split the bill evenly. However they both are very heavy drinkers. So

Heater repairs

When I was young, my family and I split my time between two climates. During the school year, August through April, I lived over near the beach in the pacific northwest of the US. But during the summer months, and over Holiday season break, I went with my family to the Midwest. No matter how

What a stupid heater

I hate the dumb heating system I have in my home at the moment. When my hubby Bob and I moved within the house, an old boiler system lived within our basement and still does. Bob and I decided that as individuals, we would leave the heater there and make use of until it died

The home I grew up in

Being a young kid, I had the same standard of air conditioner and heating that a lot of kids around me had. In the later parts of spring, it provided us with regular cooling, and also regular warming within the winter times. The configuration of our air system had a similar set of air ducts