Spending an evening in

My doting boyfriend and I always try to spend at least one evening a week together. We like to take time to hang out, just the two of us. This week, that free evening ended up being a Wednesday. We decided to spend the evening at my boyfriend’s apartment. He shares the apartment with two

Zone control in my dorm

Zone controlled air conditioning and heating may not be practical for all buildings. For example, most houses and places of business survive just fine without zone control. I do think that some places would definitely benefit from it though. For example,  it could be very useful for a college dormitory. In a typical college dormitory,

My First Internship

Last year, I got my first internship working for a small publishing house. Each year, they held a fiction contest, and they got submissions from all across the country. My job was to read through each submission, and place it into a category of “good,” “bad,” or “maybe.” As a part of my internship requirements,